so you do unfollow sprees based on pronouns?

you probably mean no harm, but in fact, unfollow sprees due to pronouns are very harmful to the trans community. please read (especially if you are cis or cishet).

why can't i do pronoun unfollow sprees?

a lot of trans people are uncomfortable or not safe putting pronouns in their bio due to family, friends, or not wanting to be out yet. some people also may not know their pronouns yet and can feel forced to use ones they don't like. it is also not your responsibility to tell other people to put their pronouns in their bio as a cis person.

"but putting pronouns in your bio is helpful to the trans community!"

not if you're inherently harming trans people by doing these unfollow sprees.

if you are cis, it is your job to put your pronouns in your bio. you cannot ask other people to put their pronouns in their bio. it simply just isn't your place.

"i thought i was being a good ally!"

you can't be a good ally by forcing trans people to do things they are uncomfortable with. in order to be a good ally, listen to trans people and what we have to say.

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